Control, light up, surprise

Smart Light Platform

The power and colors of Natuled lights deserve the maximum for their control: this is why Smart Light Platform is born, the management system that allows you to create colors and scenarios, programming them to your liking. Today the SLP can connect lights up to 500W, as well as sensoring and audio.

SLP – Smart Light Platform

Create the ideal scenario

Smart Light Platform controls multiple rooms and enables you to define the color or tune the whites you want in each of them, planning it in advance.

You can create the ideal scenario for every space, mood or time of day.

Light up your Sound

Make your environments even more special and amplify wellbeing and relaxation. The SLP can play your favorite music tracks through a dedicated audio channel

app illuminazione

The App

SLP is also a real enabler that can control roller shutters and temperature control systems/HVAC. You can connect the sensors needed to map the environment and then obtain the data for predictive maintanance.

All the functions of Smart Light Platform are easy to manage thanks to our App.

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