The originality and elegance of the Azanite

Light up the street mood

A street light can be both beautiful and efficient. Our synthetic stone, Azanite, boasts both aesthetic and functional qualities.

It is available in various colors that resist over time, since they are pigmented and hence in the material itself. Azanite, a derivate of Corian, is VOC free, salt and corrosive aerosol resistant, UV resistant and easy to fix.

The heat sink has a direct contact with the air allows greater heat dissipation, thus ensuring a longer life of the LED. This reduces maintanance costs.

The LED are mounted on a built-in glass optics, preventing the odd yellowing that reduces luminosity and efficiency. Our optics are compliant with anti glare regulations.

Informazioni tecniche
AltezzaLarghezzaLunghezzaGrado IPIK
84mm374mm348mm68 09
Caratteristiche elettriche
Cos φTemperatura
110V-240V50-60 HzCL II≥ 0.95 -40°C a 50°C
Configurazione Ottica
DistribuzioneFrequenzaClasse IES
Stradale50-60 HzFull Cut-off
Informazioni Tecniche LED
Samsung 303030W4000Lm4000k135Lm/W Mean Well
Samsung 303040W5400Lm4000k135Lm/WMean Well
Samsung 303050W6750Lm4000k135Lm/WMean Well
Bianco Crema
Cod. RAL: 9001
Finish: Smooth
Cod.: W090S
Blue oltremare
Cod. RAL: 5002
Finish: Smooth
Cod.: B050S
Rosso Signale
Cod. RAL: 3001
Finish: Smooth
Cod.: R030S

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