Illuminazione per interni

Design e elevate prestazioni tecniche

Atmosfere accoglienti e rilassanti

Natuled lights reduce shadows and minimize glare. Our spotlights produce a soft and harmonious light, enhancing architectural context and design. The high chromatic yield of our tunable whites between 1000 and 8000k together with RGB Technology offer a highly technical and adjustable solution.

illuminazioni colorate led

16 million colours

Nowadays everybody knows that our mood is influenced by the surrounding light. RGBW Led allows us to light up the room with 16 Million colours and tunable whites.

La bellezza della pietra naturale

Azanite™, the solid surface developed from Corian and created in our Labs, gives our products the beauty of natural stone and the advantages of a composite material, such as easy maintenance and durability. The pigmented color resists over time without losing its intensity.

illuminazione pietra
funzionamento faretti led

Easy Installation

The installation is super easy thanks to EasyFIX, the fixing system we patented: simple to use and functional.

Unlike the classic insertion systems, EasyFIX does not force you to put your hands in the ceiling hole when mounting the headlight, making installation easier and safer. Its fins remain in the locked position when they are raised, to close automatically once installing the spotlight. Even the extraction is very convenient: just grab the flange and pull the spotlight out of the hole.