A new way of lighting

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The beauty of natural stone, with the strength and ease of maintenance of an innovative and unique material


Azanite™ is a real synthetic stone, born in Natuled laboratories by research for new solutions and offering a material aesthetically very beautiful and with unique features. This Solid Surface is easy to maintain and durable. It does not scratch and does not flake, it is flame-retardant, it can withstand high temperature and is resistant to water and acids and is not porous, it makes it easy to clean, thus ensuring hygiene. It fits perfectly with materials such as steel, wood, glass and natural stones; Moreover, its great flexibility allows unlimited customization possibilities.

Azanite™ is available in a wide range of colors, vivid or natural, and each one remains unchanged over time. It is possible to choose classic tonalities such as white and black, or others more vivid and bright, but always keeping the uniqueness of the stone. In fact, every piece made in Azanite is basically a unique piece, because it differs from another by its own shades and veinings.

“The beauty of natural stone, with the durability and ease of use and of maintenance of an innovative and unique material”


16 million colors and all pure white temperatures


All of our LEDs are characterized by the special RGB + W technology, which allows the use of 16 million colors and different temperatures of white. The exceptional uniformity of light, the low glare and the high gloss of each color contribute to the creation of impressive atmospheres.

In addition, the opening angle of each single Led is very wide and the optic opens up to 180 ° to provide full and enveloping light, even in adverse conditions such as use in a pool water.