Natuled is born from the R&D department of Advanced Global Solutions, a leading Italian company in the IT consulting sector.

It all started with a magic formula, the “Azanite”, the synthetic stone created in our laboratories starting from Corian. We immediately realized that, thanks to the unique properties of this Solid Surface, we could realize great ideas.

Then we started getting passionate about home automation due to an installation we did for a customer. We discovered the world of smart lighting.

This is how Natuled comes to life, a start-up that produces professional lighting for interiors and exteriors supported by light management systems. Smartlighting innovation meets synthetic stone: light and matter come together to create new forms of wellness in the office, hospitality, retail and street lighting sectors.



For us Green means mainly Azanite and RGBW LEDs. Our synthetic stone is eternal, therefore it is possible to redevelop and reuse it. RGBW LEDs allow a wide spectrum of colors and whites in order to recreate natural light.


Azanite™ is composed of high-quality acrylic resin and natural minerals with the addition of colored pigments


It is renewable because it can easily be reworked thus minimizing the need for replacement and disposal needs


 LEDs RGBW can reproduce natural light thanks to 16 million colours and a wide range of Whites

Risparmio Energetico Natuled

Energy saving

Our LEDs consume on average 60% less than fluorescent lamps (compact or neon), maintaining the same luminous intensity. The use of LED technology is also able to reduce electricity expenditure by helping to improve a family economic balance, but also that of a company or a Public Administration.